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in spite of the damp weather will open their horrid seeds as early as can, & with wool at the present price, their preserve is next to mine.  We have a famous working plan.  I can work a thousand sheep clean in a day, with only 7 men - including soaking.  We have a spout of 30 miles fall & by a series of flood gates can regulate even in floods our supply of water.  We have room too for a thousand sheep, so I have hereafter to get on the rate of that number per day.  I had a very pleasant journey up, one companion, a sort of a gentleman & attendant on train.  Edward Bowman will be delighted with the Terrestial Orchides [Terrestrial Orchids] in such weather on the ranges I dare say he might find some new ones.  The Leptoceras & the dark purple Diuris are beautiful are they not.  What a profusion of Thelymitra too.  The Chrisantheum [Chrysanthemum] will not blossom for ½ a month to come nor the Bursaria [?].


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