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[In pencil - July 1876]

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European war is [indecipherable].  I for one do not believe that there will be any such war, in as much as Russian & Austrian Finances are in about as bad a state as they will [indecipherable] & German not much better.  Except England.  France strange to say, is the only European country that has both strong [indecipherable].  Without money there can in these days be no war.  While the public attention has been principally occupied with Eastern matters.  There has not a little talk about an Australian lady who hereafter may have her name handed won to posterity with the [indecipherable], Sovereign [indecipherable] & [indecipherable] of History.  Mrs. Bravo, appropriate name, a daughter of R. Campbell Tertius, is supposed to have [indecipherable] her second Husband and as the fool has ordered the body of her first, Captain Ricado who [indecipherable] is I suppose [indecipherable] of yours [indecipherable] him in the same way.

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as I really think.  This by [indecipherable] transmitted [indecipherable] like himself for ferns & Cycades

[Cross-hatched writing]
The matter is in the hands of the Police.  You will see the Boy in the papers under the head of The Balham Mystery or Tragedy.  In the mean time the whole family in the Town's talk & an [indecipherable] down as returned [indecipherable].  What a condition for a family that have always [indecipherable] the connection with Australia.  I must not [indecipherable].  God bless you.  Kindest love to my dear friend Mrs. Macarthur & to dear Elizabeth & Arthur.  I will write to Elizabeth in a few days.  

Yrs [indecipherable] affy.

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