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can speak believes for a moment that its disestablishment & his endowment will have any appreciable effect upon Ireland & Irish politics.  The truth is it was entirely a party matter & was very skilfully selected for the purpose for none but the country gentlemen seem to much care one penny for the [indecipherable] Whitting in England or Ireland.  What with Rationalism, what with dissent, what with indifference & what with disgust at the follies of a great body of the Clergy [indecipherable], no man now seems inclined to say "God bless it & [indecipherable] it!"  Forster is likely to have the Colonies, Lowe the [indecipherable] Board, Childers the Exchequer, the D. of Argyle Indian [indecipherable], D. Rowley [?] the Chancellorship, at least such are the reports.  Bright is likely to left out at his own request they say.  I do not love any of these men but I must say I would rather see Gladstone in with a strong party & Dizzy with a bare majority

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