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You speak, my dear Fellow of sending me more [indecipherable].  Do you not remember that you sent me two, now three very fine plants of this noble fern.  What I do want in your Fern way is two plants of Platycerium Grande & all Gleichenias except Oocarpa.  I particularl6 want Proteas, such as Teopeas & Stenocarpus Cunninghamii.  I want too the small humble mounting Pandorea bulbs and tubers of the Fringed Violet and all [indecipherable] Terrestrial Orchids.  I think that it would be worth while to send "Hunter" of [indecipherable] grass trees & Doryanthus packed in sand in a Cask.  I believe that this wd. be the best plan also of sending Telopeas.  Morris has got some things of mine

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