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to introduce him to specialities.  I am breaking up all my stags in the [indecipherable] of my houses, retaining only side branches for Orchids & planting my Hot house plants in the open soil.  It is astonishing how they thrive when removed from the constriction of pots, in some cases too well by half regaining the [indecipherable] of the knife.

I have been enlarging my borders out of doors [indecipherable] very much, among other things I have made a bed for Lilies under the shade of large Oak trees, of which next summer I will send you a Photo, for I expect great things from it.  By the way you should try L. [Lily] Auratum in the shade.  I have never seen any of the Lily tribe in their original sites [indecipherable] under the shade of trees & in Forests.  I have put up a house for an Exotic Lilaceous in

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