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out by the Great Britain.  My brother W. writes we could [indecipherable] wretched order.  All the best plants dead.  I believe that it was properly prepared by them, but suffered on board as all such cases do for want of some [indecipherable] to see that it had fair play.  Shortly after you left we went over to France.  [indecipherable] about a month in Paris & as much at Biarritz & [indecipherable] in the South.  The latter is a very stupid place out of the Season & in Paris my wife was laid up by an accident, so that on the whole we we did not take much by our motion.  On our return to this place we got involved in the Season & in such a [indecipherable] that really I have had scarcely time to think of the

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[Cross-hatched writing]
& all seem cheerful.  We speak of your [indecipherable] from the [indecipherable].  With our very kindest regards believe me,

Very [indecipherable]
Yr. [indecipherable] friend

Geo. Macleay                                                                         

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