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of him or at least be proclaimed the other [indecipherable] and [indecipherable].  Ed Hamilton by the way I hear has followed Gladstone in all his [indecipherable] & speaks like a Red republican.  His Colleague Shank has taken his seal in the case of [indecipherable] a [indecipherable] to politics, ]indecipherable] and all these things written in the columns of the Times?  I was glad to see that your Brother has been gazetted as a member of the Upper House.  This is I trust in anticipation of his becoming President of the same when the [indecipherable] Murray [indecipherable] to Europe to represent N.S.W. at the Paris Exhibition.  This appointment after what I have heard of poor Murrays affairs is a perfect puzzle to me & I [indecipherable] with many little [indecipherable] an explanation of it.  I most deeply respect that you did n ot accept it.  [indecipherable] you could have managed it better or half as well.  You would have enjoyed it immensely yourself, and I would have renewed my youth again in your Society.  I most deeply regret your unacceptance of this post great as my intent was in the Colonial department [indecipherable] Exhibition of 62 in London.  [indecipherable] was to me always what Mordesas's presence on the steps of the Palace was to [indecipherable] & Murrays truly [indecipherable] I am afraid will excite 

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