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[indecipherable] as semi aquatics under glass.  I am now [indecipherable] them out of doors.  What a capital correspondent Mr. King seems to be.  [indecipherable] (Mr. Andrew) for him to send me a box of Orchids, two thirds are dead & the remainder genera & species which I had before.  I begin to think for a man in England it is better to [indecipherable] Mr. Herms' sales than to [indecipherable] products.  I built a [indecipherable] 50 by 20, 14 feet high, & in April last while I was away Green [indecipherable] it, a number of [indecipherable] Tropical plants I had in fact, planting them out in the prepared soil.  Their growth has been something astounding, in another two months it will [indecipherable] through the 

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