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& the demands likely to be made upon us.  We have expended it appears £1300, & have £1700 in hand & it is calculated that £2000 might pay for every thing, but we do not know what our Finish expenditure may be so it is as well to ask for £3000 now especially as asking for it, we may get 2000 while if we asked for 2, we might get but 1000.  The fact is that the estimates have been so badly calculated & the Govt have shown such [indecipherable] & weakness in bringing these

[Cross-hatched writing]

Very many Jackasses [indecipherable] defilement.  I have good Eyes, I only wish I could join you for a week or so.  Mrs. Macleay sends her kindest regards.

Yrs very truly

Geo. Macleay

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