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"There is nar hot water to be had on the Sabbath."  How I damned the Sabbath and the beastly Pharisees who in their own Church [indecipherable] observe it.  We were compelled to remain there in [indecipherable] condition for two days.  I then went on to Edinburgh where we were laid up for a week.  [indecipherable] get to London I had a return of the most disagreeable symptoms, the headache the consequence of the inflammation of the [indecipherable] membrane of the frontal sinus.  I did not get well until I had been a week at this place.  My poor dear wife a week later is still very unwell, her cough thanks to some blistering is almost gone, but the headaches still torment her much they are now perhaps never the [indecipherable] of debility than any [indecipherable].  I have been much alarmed about her for I thought the attack of Bronchitis [indecipherable] it was nothing more or less threatened to become very serious.

[Cross-hatched writing]

friends time.  The foundation of this thought being not only Grey's [indecipherable] in Western Australian cases, but the [indecipherable] of fish &c. on two rocks about Sydney on the flat [indecipherable] at E. Bay [Elizabeth Bay] among other places all far beyond any act & I think any tools of those in [indecipherable].  I wish that you wd. speak at an early meeting of the Museum Trustees about the desirability of gallery designings and one or two of the [indecipherable] themselves.  I must not cross more or you will be cross. Go in my dear fellow with my wife's affecte. regards,

Your attached friend,

Geo. Macleay

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