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and was so pleased with the garden generally that he asked my permission to write a [indecipherable] plan of it for the Garden [indecipherable], so you will see something about it before long.  It is looking very beautiful just now.  There has been so much rain, not too much, but just enough for this thirsty chalky soil.  My Cape bulbs however which did so well out of doors last year are three quarters drowned, dead & gone.  By the way do not take the trouble to send me any more [indecipherable] peaches or weeping Elms.  I saw both plants in Italy in perfection & will get them from there.  What I want in the peach way is your [indecipherable] flat Peach & the weeping Nectarine, your [indecipherable] thrives definitely from "Ton [indecipherable]".  The [indecipherable] plant to which Meuller gave such a fabulous name.  Ferns, especially Platyclinia grande, all the Queensland Cycads, large plants, Xanthorrhoeas and Terrestrial Orchids, as well as 

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