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man & [indecipherable] sadly when he finds that he cannot by grumbling & present unpleasantness get you to give him what he would like [indecipherable] terms, he will [indecipherable] himself by sending you very poor plants.  I [indecipherable] hope that it may not be so but I doubt the man.  Green [indecipherable] in that he has already informed you that so far as he can learn the plants of D. Bigibbum sold at very good prices, some as high as £6. I think he told me, but it may be £3.  D. [indecipherable] he has not been able to trace.  The opportunity for selling has become I fear been lost, as I see in 

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It was [indecipherable] that the [indecipherable] of these into [indecipherable] Tartars [indecipherable] is they call themselves [indecipherable].

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