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the predilections may have been in the manner most conducive to Englands ultimate intents, so that were it not for our internal politics, everything might be said to "couleur du rose" again.  The present ministry cannot stand I am afraid but they are becoming wonderfully strengthened by the revelations which are being daily made of the gross mismanagement of military & home affairs by their predecessors, while the Radical party with whom they have been so closely ties having now gone in for manhood suffrage [indecipherable] have thank God [indecipherable] the great bulk of the mere party men & that class who are liberals from the weakness of good nature.  Next session [indecipherable] may see a Ministry with Ld. Stanley at the head comprising the more moderate men of both parties.  Such a Ministry would include [indecipherable] & others who have had the courage to leave their party when they found them [indecipherable] on mischief & would leave out Gladstone, the most unprincipled & dangerous man of the present day who then being compelled to align himself publicly & completely with Bright will in a final manner have the sting taken out

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