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I cannot send so good a supply of flowers to the Ladies as I could wish, however, I send all I possibly can, the peaches and nectarines in fruit house have set well and swelling off, so that if all all goes well there will be a fine crop.  Amaryllis are flowering well and a few orchids have been good such as D. suavissimum; this, I took to S. Kensington D. pulchellum now in fl.  D.Devonianum, C. [Cattleya] Loddigesii, Lælia purpurata, Coelogyne odoratissima new to me, small but very sweet.  Dipodium coming on nicely in flower.  Echium macrophyllum is now quite a picture with eight spikes of beautiful azure blue flowers this I hope to show at S. Kensington on the 22nd, Mackaya bella I have also shown and was much admired, and but little known; what a grand plant when seen as now with over 400 flowers, a woodcut  

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