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[In pencil] 1876

August 5th

My dear Arthur

Let me congratulate you as I do most heartily upon dear Elizabeth getting so well over her trouble.  There is a new life before her now I do believe.  [indecipherable] if be as happy & pleasant as the commencement of your married days!  I have not seen anything lately of [indecipherable] Loggi [?] but [indecipherable] was stopping with me but long ago [indecipherable]

Captain Onslow R.N.

[Cross-hatched writing]

[indecipherable] populated Orleans.  The Hattons are [indecipherable] to go for [indecipherable].  The next three or 4 days will I trust pay as accounts of their  [indecipherable][ defeats, and then the campaign for this season is over.  Certain to be [indecipherable] one wd say, but [indecipherable] is the political and [indecipherable] of the Empire that it is very doubtful whether the attempt to drive the [indecipherable] out of Europe can be continued.

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