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[indecipherable] of glimpses of [indecipherable] & that you believe that things will go on better than you had reason to expect.  I wrote that I could be with you for a week or so to watch your inspections of [indecipherable] the opening of the cases.  Young Veitell by the way became very [indecipherable] after you left & was told by his [indecipherable] he must not think of going to a warm climate.  He is now much better and talks of going out by the Great Britain.  I shall [indecipherable] have the wild [indecipherable] which should I leave [indecipherable].  They have enlarged their ground by much & put up a great deal more glass.  The case of Plants provided by them which I sent 

[Cross-hatched writing]
[indecipherable] & therefore I write by this mail to [indecipherable] affect & [indecipherable] you in the matter before anything is done.  I say in any of your belongings here, as they [indecipherable] write you all about [indecipherable] except that your brother was looking well [indecipherable] a day [indecipherable] when he caught a cold.  [indecipherable] are looking as well as them but friends could which 

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