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They grow I am told by [indecipherable] people, as you surmise, just as the Blandfordias do, on the very margin of rivulets of water in peaty soil.  I find that they are doing well now with me, in pots, placed in pans full of water.  D. Herschellii however a blue species has gone off  under this treatment.  Two unfortunate purchases leave in your ships to [indecipherable], the [indecipherable] & Minden Castle.  I am thinking [indecipherable] about the St. Osyth.  More unfortunate too in this matter of Floods! but I do not like to dwell on misfortunes & will therefore pass from the [indecipherable].  Time I returned in 1859.  We shall never had what I call a [indecipherable] or gear at any rate, & Mrs. Macquarie is that what

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