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5 Severn Place
March 25 1864

My dear William Macarthur

Just a few words to congratulate you upon your safe arrival, with all your [indecipherable] in good order in the dear old Colony for dear it must also register to me.  I make quite sure that you [indecipherable] all your [indecipherable] troubles to be safely [indecipherable] & am now hard at work at Camden. 

I wish that I could [indecipherable] quite as sure that you found all things going on agreeably & pleasantly there, but I hope for the best & expect to hear by the [indecipherable]

Sir William Macarthur

[Cross-hatched writing]
may now, so as to have had a view of the Bulbs in flower.  So time to a matter in which we are both interested.  I learn here by the last mail a Petition from my late Tenants, its purpose you may readily [indecipherable].  Now I [indecipherable] expect to get a [indecipherable] from these people & might as well make a [indecipherable] of [indecipherable] & [indecipherable] all their rates but I feel I have a duty to my very [indecipherable] in the price & [indecipherable] of the word as well as in the 

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