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35, Hyde Park Gardens
July 21st 1866

My dear Macarthur

John [indecipherable] has arrived [indecipherable] tho not looking much better for his travels, and has handed over to me the 3 [indecipherable] you have been good enough to procure for me, the value of which I may add is very materially enhanced by the note which you give and [indecipherable] their site.  I can understand how they might get [indecipherable] in a century or so [indecipherable] the depth you mention in a [indecipherable], but how they would get to the depth of 18 inches, or how 18 inches of [indecipherable] could [indecipherable] over them in the situation you mention puzzles me unless you give an extreme antiquity to the Australian race.  When I return from the [indecipherable] where I found the day after tomorrow on a 5 weeks trip, I will see what [indecipherable] to say to it.  I 


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