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in my weakness I [indecipherable] from erring day by day the increasing bodily decadence of one I love.  I would give much to be present with my poor Brother in his latter days.  These would be made to be [indecipherable].  I feel scarcely inclined to enter upon any other topic, but I must not forget what I owe you for your remembrance of me, and must attempt to repay my debt, however inadequately.   Take this rather as a promise to pay.  I am  going to the Continent in a few days and then I shall have time to give you a long [indecipherable] in [indecipherable] too of a brighter sky than this leaden mass of clouds that is doing duty for the firmament here.  We have had a very open season, so that the shrubs were budding & the birds singing up to the 18th of the month.  Then came a nipping frost & now we are regularly in for it.  I am sitting in a small room with a large fire burning yet my fingers are so cold that writing is a bore to me.  I was speaking above of poor Williams great self possession & philosophy, I think that you, my dear fellow, are of the same high moral school.

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