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Broke Hall, Ipswich

Sept. 22nd

My dear William Macarthur

I must send you a few lines by this mail if only to excuse myself for not writing the long letter I promised.  I think I wrote to you from Balnaboth Peter's shooting [indecipherable] in Forfarshire mentioning the list of sport we had [indecipherable].  Shortly after the departure of the mail, my legs began to complain of the cold & damp and so we took our departure not without great regret on the very first fine day we had had since we had been in Scotland.  Nevertheless we had both [indecipherable] with what you in the Colony would call influenza on arriving at Aberdeen in the evening.  On the following morning I was in a fevor & my poor wife in a swooning fit.  I asked for ice.  She begged for a warm bath.  It was the Sabbath "we cannot get nar Ice on the Sabbath.

Sir William Macarthur

[Cross=hatched writing]

married the brother of these little girls [indecipherable].  I still endulge the hope of your returning to England to assist me in [indecipherable] over many a head of game.

Do not forget the Mogos for me and if you could purchase for me some of the green jade weapons of the New Zealanders I would feel much obliged.  Billyard wd. repay you.  Did you see in one of the Col. papers some few  [indecipherable] ago, an brief account of some cases I think between Goulburn & Bathurst in which it was said there were representations of human hands painted.  Could drawings of these be got?  I have often thought that these might have been an earlier & somewhat more [indecipherable] of an inhabiting New Hollanders before our Table


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