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double apricot (not to be had in England - weeping Chinese Elms, Gleichenias, all Australian [indecipherable] Orchids, except Dend. Speciosum, Kingianum, [indecipherable], & Omissum, all Austr. Terrestrial Orchids, Platycerium Grande, Nuytsia, [indecipherable], but here I must stop.  Your health breath must be taken away.  Have just put up another house, 50 ft. by 20, & want to fill it.  Can you give Moon another 1 or 2.  He might send me seeds of [indecipherable] at very [indecipherable].

I enclose another [indecipherable] Tea.  We are doing well again & shall give a dividend of 6 per cent this year.  The Tea has much improved in [indecipherable].

Give my dear old friend

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