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of timber, save a few dozen Eucalyptus evidently found [indecipherable] here, planted about the largest Villas, here & there as tho very largest dominated [indecipherable] by tall Norfolk Island Pines.  Occasionally too I detect the Grevillea Robusta, now out of leaf, and [indecipherable] as leading trunks, Pittosporum Undulatum [indecipherable] with the large Myoporum, and at least a dozen species of our new [indecipherable] least attractive Acacias.  Altogether Australia is too well represented in their [indecipherable].  I quite long to get into the wastes of Alentejo to see something of Lusitanian growth.  [indecipherable] a day or two ago to Cintra, a most interesting place [indecipherable] in winter, a not unfavourable replica [indecipherable] old Moorish Palace of Granada & the Alhambra, & was much pleased so my [indecipherable] there to [indecipherable] his [indecipherable].  The Hoop petticoat has [indecipherable], & a glorious Ophrys one of the beautiful large vars. of O. Apifera.  I hope to make a good collection of the Southern Terrestrial Orchids.

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Will you kindly ask Arthur to write a short note to Eliza Mackay to tell her that I am at Lisbon, quite well & that I will write to her by next mail.

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