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think that I am developing into a Monkbarns, but the matter was in my mind from my having had a discussion on the subject with the Parson of the Parish last night who goes in for "the Town of Beasts' derivation, tho he admits the origin of the Bel-tain, & himself mentioned to me the neighbouring Cromlechs & Lagans.  By the way don't forget to send me the Austn. Mogos.  Since I saw the magnificent collection of stone impliments in Copenhagen, I have rather taken up the study fully all the more intense in it from having myself lived among a stone people and now to "return to our muttons" or latter grouse.  We are here on a visit to one good friend John Peters who has taken this quaint old Highborn residence with its magnificent shootings of 7600 acres from [indecipherable].  I have never been on such glorious moors [indecipherable] before I saw such a bright blooming Heathers.  It is a positive pleasure to walk upon it.  How I wish

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