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Hyde Park Gardens
London, Aug. 27
[In pencil - 1866]

My dear Friend

I need not say that I am always glad to see your hand writing and the more so when as in this last letter you are able to give a good account of yourselves & things around about you.  The late wretched financial condition would of course tell upon the commercial world of Sydney & it would require all the bright Pastoral & Agricultural prospects which you seemed to have before you to counteract the bad news from Europe, but if the shadows of Europe tell upon the Antipodes so does also the [indecipherable] & things are so rapidly improving here that I hope before Xmas you will find money as abundant as it was at the same time last year.  We have had splendid hopes with new farm [indecipherable] creation for harvesting & from this & other causes [indecipherable] seems in a fair way to be completely restored.  The European [indecipherable] too is settled & that in a way whatever

Sir William Macarthur

[Writing at top of page]

imposing to [indecipherable] tomorrow to ask if they are going to avail themselves of this new mode of transmitting plants [indecipherable] as exhibited in the salmon [indecipherable]


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