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Pendell Court
Nov. 28

My dear old Friend

Let me commence by positively assuring you that I have taken my passage in the "Somersetshire" which is to leave Plymouth on the 24th Prox.  As the [indecipherable] passage in 55 days I hope to be with you W.V. before the end of Feby.  I note all you say in your long & welcome letter of the 6th of Oct.  I thought that there was no harm in letting Wilson Saunders who is one of the most

Sir William Macarthur

[Cross-hatched writing]
[indecipherable] around you with the [indecipherable].l  God grant that we may all llive in health & happiness with much love to you all,

[indecipherable] yrs

Geo. Macleay

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