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classes who seemed to bail [indecipherable] all but of those brutal Prussians with satisfaction.  A closer acquaintance related [indecipherable] of Moscow destroyed all his [indecipherable] sympathies, but one friend [indecipherable] are cowards autocracy & I do not think that the above mentioned sympathies were [indecipherable] very strong.  Allowance must be made for the vehemence of the struggles of a people so oppressed, a rebellion will at the last if rebellion it can be called was [indecipherable] to be of a rose could [indecipherable].  [indecipherable] of Nicholson he has lately been very much taken by the "manifestation" of the [indecipherable], which you will see described in the [indecipherable] papers.  Various confusions such as [indecipherable] names I forget [indecipherable] profess to be able to expect exactly the same [indecipherable] so that their quarter.  [indecipherable] like Foster are likely to be stripped of all their feathers & one friend Nicholson deprived of [indecipherable] for [indecipherable].  I must go & see some of their detectors as they may [indecipherable] enable me to [indecipherable] than I can

[Cross-hatched writing]

Speaking of a [indecipherable] was most appropriate but as worse than would [indecipherable] I 

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