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I am the [indecipherable] & the [indecipherable] Bulbs.  The [indecipherable] in Veitchs lot are all alive.  I shall be very glad of all these plants again at your leisure.  Send me please the Peaches as seedlings unmarked, a whole lot of them.  I daresay I shall get [indecipherable] variety among them, also a large quantity of the seedlings of the weeping Elm.  I brought home a large quantity of them alive in 1869, & gave them all to the Veitches.  What became of them I do not know.  I have never seen the plant in Europe some in the Borghese gardens.  At a sale two or three days ago at [indecipherable], a large quantity of Dend. Bigibbum was put up.  The average price obtained was about 11/- so they are coming down.  There was a quantity of D. Tobaense sold same time, the average of which was of course much less.  Green could not learn who sent these Orchids for sale.  But has a large lot coming forward.

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