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I will feel obliged for a collection of your Australian Orchids save Kingianum which I have.  Veitch gave away or sold without my authority the whole lot I had from you, & is trying to recoup now with European Terrestrial Orchids as he gets them.  I shall never leave anything with him in future so please direct to me at Pendell Court.  I shall be glad to try such of your Terrestrial Orchids as you can easily get at.  Thelymitras particularly.  I want also the Fringed Violet.  I do not know any other plant [indecipherable] Dicksonias, and Gleichenias.  What a long list of desiderata.  I am ashamed.  I have put up a good deal of glass, £600 it has cost me & have am going to put up more.  I have not much room however for Hooker has been most liberal in his gifts

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