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the Whampoa. but he has still some £10 or so of y ours to be laid out & I am afraid that no sale is likely to come on [indecipherable] to enable him to close the account - today however I heard from him £18.19.- & this will close your account with us as thus.

On hand & due    £25. 0. 0 
New Bill for [indecipherable]      99.19. 0
    £124.19. 0
Paid Green [indecipherable]    £5  
Cheques 119.19. 0  124.19. 0

Green will of course send you a full account of [indecipherable] of the whole of this sum.

If the saw dust system fails, I believe the only plan will be to dry the plants very much & to pack them as you wd. pack [indecipherable].

Current Status: 
Ready for review