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There will be a frightful amount of distress throughout the whole of Europe.  It [indecipherable] good for the next 18 months.  God grant that England may have better fortune for if agricultural distress should be heaped up on the manufacturing default, we shall not only have [indecipherable] physical [indecipherable] but no doubt great political [indecipherable].  It is [indecipherable] a most serious & [indecipherable] time, among [indecipherable] is the frightful muddle that most [indecipherable] man Ld. Chelmsford has masses of it in S. Africa culminating in that miserable [indecipherable] the slaughter of the poor Prince [indecipherable].  As the principal part of the French took upon his death as a political blessing, they have let us off with a readiness we

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