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Pendell Court, July 5th

My dear Friend

I am in receipt of your letter of the 11th of May enclosing B of Ex. for £100, wh. sum after I have given Green £4.0.6.  He had 19/6 of yours in hand will give me some £120 of yours for the purpose you indicate.  Green has been laying out the £50 you sent him [indecipherable] a nice looking lot of orchids [indecipherable] being seasoned in my [indecipherable] Orchid House.  He is this very day attending a large sale in London where he expects to get some good things.  He is to send you a list of what he has on hand for you.  I find him a capital man, tho' as he has not yet got rid of all the plants he had in his nursery & have not got the benefit of all his time.  I shall be glad ot the lists you promised, as I should not like to send you what you already possess, except in grand masses & cheap.

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