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of reaching you in better order than any of the preliminary lots.  Green really has done his best, & if you can manage to say an encouraging word to him in return I shall be not too happy to be the medium of communication.  I only trust that circumstances may make it possible [indecipherable] lot of things are I believe all alive.  The only two plants doubtful are what I raised [indecipherable] for the [indecipherable].  I find now that I can get the same double peach from Italy.  I saw them there in exquisite beauty.  My [indecipherable] are coming up strong and all likely to blossom.  The [indecipherable] came up but are not strong [indecipherable] not bloom.  My Platyclinis are dead alas! alas!  Such noble specimens too.  Gleichenia & other ferns for the most part alive and so are the Dendrobes of both

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