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May 18th

Pendell Court,

My dearest old Friend

I was much distracted to hear from Onslow by the mail just here in of your knee illness but the report does [indecipherable] without much that gives hope, that I venture to believe that you will be all but [indecipherable] again by the time this note will reach you.  May God grant that this may be so & that you will be spared

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

[In left margin]

From your most attached old friend

Geo:  Macleay

Nothing but rain here.  The Hay reap has been badly got in & only about 2/3rds of the ordinary quantity.  The wheat promised also about 2/3rd of [indecipherable] but this will [indecipherable] to spoil [indecipherable] there.  Michaelmas [?] is a very sad one indeed for us all who are Farmers or non farmers.


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