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the latter time especially seeming to have [indecipherable] in the ground, the exception being a D. [indecipherable] & D. Giganteum.  One glorious specimen of a [indecipherable] in flower 9 feet high with 75 blossoms, 3/4ths of my D. Amatina [?] have finished.  My Fernery is becoming really a very fine thing.  An old Portuguese friend of mine who has boasted to me that he had shot our wooden Pigeon, a [indecipherable] on entering it the other day, "Ah you have got one Arabian right here".  Your last envoi of the [indecipherable] Tree ferns have good places in it & are now sending out new fronds, some of them already 3 feet in length.  They are all in first rate condition in which 

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