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Belize. July 27th 1879

My dear Uncle George  I am very glad indeed to hear of the safe ar-rival of the orchids, amongst which I hope there may be some worth having.  Unfortunately I have very few opportunities of getting into the country more frequently as to.I should be often at a loss to know how to pro-ceed in the matter of collecting.  The French collector [Blancenan] of whom I wrote to you before is again here, having completed a tour a [form] among the mountain ranges of Guatemala and the rest of Central America, and if you would authorise me to do so I think I might make some arrange-ment with him to collect and for-ward to you specimens of plants on your list of desiderata. Should you think well of this suggestion please let me know the general lines on which I might [meet] with him.  I think that the plants should not be paid for except on delivery in reasonably

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