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and should have waited first before ordering these purchases.  In todays sale Mr. Michael's is an exceptionally [indecipherable] one.  It does not do to [indecipherable] over these large Collectors sales, but simply to take advantage of them.

I enclose a letter from Mr. [indecipherable] whose name you may have seen in the Horticultural Papers as a new and very ardent Amateur Collector, who travels about the less populated Alpine countries in search of Monocotyledonous plants.  He is great in the matter of Terrestrial Orchids & is very anxious to get those of Australia.  I told him to put himself into communication with you, which I suppose he has done.  His Father is a man of Fortune, but still alive.  It is pleasant to see a Army man, only the other day, a Captain in the Guards devoting himself so enthusiastically to a scientific pursuit.  He has promised to introduce

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