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all of them five fronds.  Stroker has gone on a trip to [indecipherable] & must now be in the Colorado.  By the way you should look to the [indecipherable] of the beastly little beetle that goes by that name.  We are sure to have it here where it will be a greater curse to us than a war with Russia wd be [indecipherable] as bad a curse as the Phylloxera threatens to be in the S of Europe.  Saw yr [indecipherable] & you may have the supplying of Europe.  The Russians you will see are getting the seeds at last.  We have not been playing dignified part in this Eastern affair but it has been the safest [indecipherable] expenditure & that now seems to regulate the national movements.  Should Russia be repulsed in their actions on the S. of the Balkans then drive for this Campaign.  No must go at it again next year to save the country from Revolution.  [indecipherable] will [indecipherable] about Bankruptcy instead & get [indecipherable]

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