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with drainage & with this diminutioin of rain falls.  England is becoming quite another country to what is used to be, more healthy but not nearly so pleasing in aspect.  The drainage may be the cause of the change of climate.  I [indecipherable] that I have a (and we are always crying out for rain, at least it when it comes with almost as much fog as I used to [indecipherable] the showers in Australia.  We had no rain in March, April, May & greater part of June, a sort of a drought.  These April showers & early in July rains heavy [indecipherable] which spoiled the [indecipherable] of the Hay.  Now in August we have sweltering weather.  The wheat Harvest, in spite of grumbling & [indecipherable] appears to now be in I [indecipherable] & we have weather to get it in.

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