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spike in my cold house the other day, and it was a brilliant thing compared with the [indecipherable] drawing.  By the way, Fitzgerald Orchids are all under colored, a [indecipherable] fault in [indecipherable] paintings but [indecipherable] they are drawn [indecipherable] wonderfully well the dissections are done.  It is a magnificent work doing great honour to the Colony.  F. is known but on the threshold of his [indecipherable].  He has literally hundreds of [indecipherable] & species awaiting his pen & pencil.  In return for his magnificent present I am sending you [indecipherable] Monograph of the Greens lilium, a [indecipherable] worth too, but coming from the [indecipherable] of F.s fault.  They are [indecipherable] over-done, as a scientific work and is not to be [indecipherable] in

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