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sometimes feel equally hopeful trusting to the [indecipherable] of the medical men.  Onslows Brother & [indecipherable] who [indecipherable] them with the stethoscope from time to time declared that his lungs were quite sound, and then again my spirits sink.

I had intended to have written you a long letter as well as one to William but I have not husbanded my time well & now having been writing for three days find at the 11th hour business, a matter of another will occupy the time I intended to have devoted to you two.  You will be distressed to hear that poor General Lee has been compelled to capitulate thus depriving the Confed. cause of its best hope.  The cause in fact was lost from the day in wh. Sherman wanted unopposed thro the [indecipherable] body of the Confedy.  Every body now blames the Ministry for not having joined [indecipherable] in his proposal of recognition of these[?] States.  We certainly have lost our chance of retarding the advance of Democracy for a half century or so & I fear will have to bear the brunt.

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