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State Library of New South Wales


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Help us transcribe and share our diaries, letters, manuscripts and records.

The State Library is dedicated to making our collections more accessible and you can help us achieve this goal. By participating in one of our digital projects you will be contributing to the improvement and enrichment of our collections, as well as taking an opportunity to delve deeper into the wonders of NSW cultural heritage.

This website is a tool for people to transcribe the text of original manuscripts in the State Library collections.

Hand written documents are sometimes difficult to read and the text in digitised images is not searchable. Producing transcripts of original manuscripts improves access to these historical documents for researchers, historians and members of the public.

To get started transcribing a document or correcting a transcription,

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  2. Once you’ve registered, read the How to Guide for tips about transcribing historical documents for example what to do when you come across a misspelling or indecipherable text.
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  3. Select one of the collections below, and get started. Projects showing a lock Locked project are not open for public transcription but can be viewed.

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