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may not be less rapid.  I note what you say about yr. Gladioli.  G. Saundersii is no doubt very beautiful, but G. Cruentis is still better.  The very [indecipherable] I think of the genus.  G. Purpureoauratus I have as yet only by the B. Mag.  I am much pleased by the way that you have safely recd. what I sent [indecipherable] of that work.  To return to gladioli, I shall be very glad some day to get some of your best seedlings.  The Disa grandiflora & Henchelli [?] grows as you say round the [indecipherable] of rocky pools among saturated [indecipherable] bits of rock in sand.  I somehow [indecipherable] keen to grow them under glass.  I am going to try some out of doors.  I have just pout up £650 worth of glass houses here & Hooker has most kindly [indecipherable] filled the same for me with a clearing collection of [indecipherable] Plants.  I shall have to put up more glass I suspect soon.  I had about 150 specimens, I might say [indecipherable] species, of Orchids, not what are they to your collection which must now be very rich.  I am writing to Hooker today & I will again repeat what I have twice assured him ofmy grim determination to give him the best of the New Guinea discoveries.  Yes!

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