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35, Hyde Park Gardens, W.
April 15th 1865

My dear Macarthur

A thousand thanks for your most kind & feeling letter.  My poor Brother did not care for having an extensive acquaintance and as you know had but a limited cull of friends among these last [indecipherable] and the different members of your family ranked high.  It was a form of [indecipherable] satisfaction to me to learn from you that he had spoken to you on the subject which is of paramount interest ot us all just now.  The mode in which he would allude to it would I am sure satisfy

James Macarthur Esq.

[Cross-hatched writing]
Constance Read the daughter has confessed to the [indecipherable] of her little Mother at [indecipherable] & given little up than this [indecipherable] it [indecipherable].

Your Brother Ed & [indecipherable] have [indecipherable] five days ago.  Why [indecipherable] all.  Mr. E. has bought a nice house for her in [indecipherable] gardens where [indecipherable] is now a little colony of Australians.  In [indecipherable] any [indecipherable] in London this week.  Barbara has [indecipherable] to our dear friends your wife & daughter.  Pray give them my love & with [indecipherable] regards to William.

[indecipherable] ever
Yr. [indecipherable] friend

Geo. Macleay


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