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a species all in capital order as they reach there, the cost with the charges being little over £30.  Green will forward his ac. with you by the next mail when he knows exactly what the charges will be.  In the mean time he thinks that there will be a few Pounds to your credit [indecipherable] that I [indecipherable] think that you will get yr. Orchids from Veitch one half as cheap, but of course this was sad to see [indecipherable] for.  I have not seen Veitch yet, nor did I very much wish to do so after I had learned that he was despatching plants to you.  Sometimes I think I have called since I returned from the Continent in June, and have found him at home.  You will see by one of the letters of the corresponding Clerk which I enclose that yr. Orchids by the "Whampoa" arrived in "very fair condition".  I can but hope that Green's envoi by the same vessel may reach you in the same state.  I presume that if you are satisfied with Veitch's last consignments and what they may 

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