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well they do & how very pretty they look.  I shall plant my Bromeliads also, of which I am getting a large collection in the moss.  Your Dendrobes are doing well, [indecipherable] it by the way [indecipherable] did not D. Sumneri when he named it.  I daresay he did, for the same [indecipherable] selling to me a very impudent [indecipherable] & [indecipherable] plant & [indecipherable] to Hooker about him.  I mention a letter from H. which please destroy when read.  So you cannot read my scrawl, well I am not surprised a bit for I cannot read it myself.  I only wish that I could hold out any hope of doing better.  You will be able to read this my dear Fellow I do trust.  I am, ever your affecte. old friend,

Geo: Macleay 

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