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Pendell Court

July 9th 1879

My dear old Friend

I am still in England you will see, but [indecipherable] much afraid [indecipherable] for a [indecipherable] beastly winter I had [indecipherable] encountered.  I do [indecipherable] if nothing [indecipherable] seen should [indecipherable] leave on the 20th of the month for Port Said.  The vessel the Dominda [?] a S.S. of 3000 Tons belonging to a Co. in which I am deeply interested is new & well [indecipherable] so I daresay that I [indecipherable].  The two Bestow girls at present with their [indecipherable] - will be comfortable enough.

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to think that we have entered upon Spring.  I wish that it could be so for the sake of them I shall leave behind but for the sake of my garden.  [indecipherable] is all ready for the change.  In [indecipherable] days the Snowdrops have shot up & are now in incipient blossom.  I have about 3/4 of an acre of wild Snowdrops in [indecipherable] groups of two to three.

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