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the flat surface of some of the land [indecipherable] earth near Sydney, while I believe are [indecipherable] of a still older people than the so called [indecipherable] unless they once possessed a knowledge of metals & subsequently returned to the [indecipherable] of the most primitive of implements, an exceedingly unlikely thing.  You know those carvings of [indecipherable] are the [indecipherable], do you not, on the rocks all around Port Jackson, of whales, porpoises, [indecipherable], sharks, &c.  they could scarcely have been cut without the aid of metal.  I have written to [indecipherable] asking him to provide drafts of these for me if he can, together with [indecipherable] & [indecipherable] of Aborigines, which [indecipherable] hold all at a premises with the [indecipherable], owing to the wonderful Australian [indecipherable].  Skeletons that have been exhumed in the north of Scotland, within [indecipherable] that by the [indecipherable] of Keiss Castle.  If you can get out all or any of these things, I mean the drawings of the bones, you shall have them for [indecipherable] Department in Paris in [indecipherable] where if I [indecipherable] prophecy is not [indecipherable], I trust from my heart to see you in your old capacity in Europe.  The account you

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