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from his unfortunate habits, but I have now sent him what he wished for, the same not being an easy means [indecipherable] to follow.  Moon had behaved very badly to me, for he had spread plants of mine in [indecipherable] & there he has [indecipherable].  I suppose in his [indecipherable] they were given to other people, and then some plants of mine as to [indecipherable] reminds me of your correspondents the Veitches.  I have not been near them since I last wrote, thinking as matters seemed righting themselves that it would be more for your interest that I should not seem to be anxious for your sake.  I do hope that by this time they have given you a fair equivalent, after their fashion, for they are notoriously the hardest people of their business to deal with, for what you have sent them.  You will see by the way what [indecipherable] of Dend. Sumneri.  If I understand him.  I refer to an article in the Gardeners [indecipherable] which paper [indecipherable] I believe 

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