[Page 398]

[In pencil - 1877?]

Pendell Court,

My dear old Friend

My letter by this vessel must necessarily be very brief.  I have had an attack of lumbago & rise from a [indecipherable] easy bed to write it.  I duly got yours of the 3rd of last month & am much [indecipherable] to find that Harry Veitch is likely from his greed to give you annoyance.  You know of course that greediness is the main characteristic of the

The Honble
Sir W. Macarthur, M.L.C.

[In left margin]

Pray give my kindest love to all my [indecipherable] friends around you.  You will be delighted like all your English gentlemen at the [indecipherable] hand the [indecipherable] dealt & the limitation of [indecipherable] & all [indecipherable].


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